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“We Do What They Do” Is Not the Right Marketing Message to Help Your Firm Stand Out

During a marketing bootcamp a few years ago, SunStar had the opportunity to work with a group of veteran Schwab advisors as part of a marketing bootcamp. These men and women were the best of the best. 


Good PR Doesn't Just Happen

There is never a bad time to design and commit to a PR plan. Good intentions quickly fade as day-to-day responsibilities consume our time.


Media Training - Never Hurts to Have a Refresher

I participated in media training - why do I need it again? 

Oh no! You are a fund manager and you’ve just been informed during the height of earnings season that your firm is having a refresher media training program.


Improving Your Nests One Nest at a Time

Fall is upon us and winter is approaching! Most of us are guilty of neglecting to change the thermostat when we leave the house.


We Voted! And the Winners for the Best Tips for More Engaging Videos Are....

Many fund managers are turning to videos to give their newsletters a little something extra, but video isn’t easy. In fact, it brings with it almost as many questions as it does solutions: How can your firm produce engaging videos?


How Do You Measure the Success of a PR Program?

Once you've committed your time and dollars to a PR program, you will naturally want to be sure you're getting your money's worth. But too often, clients only consider public relations efforts successful when it translates into sales or an uptick in phone calls.


How Socially Responsible Investing Can Help Decrease the Gender Pay Gap

It’s well known that income inequality remains between genders. Much progress has been made and the gap is considerably smaller – but it still exists.


Invaluable PR Lessons From the Presidential Election

We’ve learned a lot from this election season about public relations, branding, communication, what to do and not to do…. Perhaps the most valuable lesson of all comes to us a cautionary tale.  


Content Strategy – 5 Lessons Learned From the Presidential Election

This election season has had more than its fair share of ups and downs. Despite all the turmoil the lessons have been plentiful.

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