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Messaging Workshops to uncover stories that Engage

MAKing your message COMPELLING, Consistent & Concise

Telling people about your mutual fund is simple enough. But does everyone tell your story the same way? Is it easy for your clients and prospects to understand? Is it concise enough for a one-minute interview on TV? Does it sell?

After participating in a Message Development and Media Training Workshop designed just for your spokespeople, you''ll say "yes!" to those questions. 

“In a competitive environment, only those who have a strong, unified message, who create and sell quality and value, will survive."
Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence, Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies and More



If you ask everyone in your company to describe your investment process and why it's different, will you get a consistent answer? Can you tell an investor why they should invest in your mutual funds instead of your competitors' in a way that's easy to understand? 

Most asset managers will have an articulate, intelligent answer, but not one that's truly differentiating - and, not one designed to close the sale. SunStar's Messaging & Media Training Workshop can help.

Before you talk to journalists, SunStar's MEDIA TRAINING coaches you to:

  • Deliver a powerful story
  • Engage advisors and investors
  • Control an interview
  • Be persuasive and trustworthy
  • Cut down on jargon
  • Emphasize benefits
  • Be compliant


Messaging + Media Training HOW IT WORKS together


Put power in your story - determine the best ideas that articulate your firm's value proposition and process.

Interactive Session

In this half to one-day session, we’ll guide your management team through a lively, interactive discovery process. Then, together, we’ll fine-tune those ideas until they ring true to you and the target audience you want to reach -- and put them into plain English.

Compelling Messages

When completed, you’ll have a concise, compelling set of key messages about your firm, its disciplined process and expected outcomes. You’ll be able to use them to take control of sales discussions and media interviews and to bring consistency across all your digital and print collateral.


Our Message Development & Media Training Workshops are an integral part of onboarding for each new client. We develop messages specifically honed to highlight your approach to the market as an RIA, wealth manager, asset manager, banker and more. Journalists will seek you out for your consistent, plain English, on-point delivery - your expertise will shine!

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