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Are you a financial advisor who likes working with people and is knowledge on financial products and markets, but would like to use your skills in a related profession?

If so, you might be interested in our position. We are a financial PR and marketing firm whose clients are the same financial services firms you already know: mutual funds, ETFs, bank asset managers, private equity firms, capital markets companies, wealth management firms, and cryptocurrency companies. Unlike most advisors, our PR account executives (AE) interact directly with the presidents and CEOs of our client firms.

Our AEs also interface with the most influential news outlets in the country. We represent our clients with the financial news media, the stock exchanges, and at industry events.

The major responsibility of this position is pitching and persuading news organizations of the excellence and importance of our clients.

The successful candidate will be persuasive, highly competitive, and dogged in getting the job done. We have serious clients who expect results.

Other requirements include previous work as a financial advisor who is knowledgeable on investment products, being a proven leader, and having a business degree.

You will work in our metropolitan Washington DC office three days a week and two days at home.

SunStar, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and is woman-owned business. We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive health coverage, a 401(k) plan and other benefits.

TO APPLY: Contact mdale@sunstarstrategic.com, with a cover letter and resume.


SunStar Strategic, a national PR and marketing firm specializing in financial services, is searching for an Account Executive (AE) to provide PR services to clients.

Your primary responsibility will be pitching stories to journalists at the country’s top financial media. As a member of a team led by a senior account executive, you will also participate in regular strategy meetings with clients to generate story ideas, assist with Media Training and Messaging Workshops, travel to client locations, attend internal team meetings, and conduct research and other projects as needed. You will work a minimum of three days a week in person in our metro Washington, DC headquarters.

An AE is immediately given serious responsibilities interacting with major journalists and with executives at client firms. Within six months, an AE will be communicating directly with the CEOs (Chief Executive Officers and CIOs (Chief Investment Officers) of asset management firms managing billions of dollars.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • At least one years’ experience as a phone rep for a financial services firm.
  • Leadership abilities from high school, college, athletic programs, and/or community projects.
  • Business or communications degree
  • Be knowledgeable in blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Be persuasive, highly competitive and dogged in getting the job done.

Our select clients expect the best service in the industry.

We build public relations programs beginning with helping financial clients define who they are and then creating and executing news media outreach plans to expand their brands and drive sales. SunStar’s AEs promote clients to a full, powerful range of news media including major print publications, online news sources, broadcast news and blogs.

The SunStar PR team also works with SunStar’s marketing team that builds websites and provides a complete range of digital and print marketing as well as social media services.


About SunStar

Founded in 1991, SunStar Strategic provides a full range of PR and marketing services to clients. 

We offer a hybrid work environment with employees working in the Alexandria, Virginia office three days each week and at home two unless traveling. SunStar, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and is woman-owned business. We offer competitive compensation, comprehensive health coverage, a 401(k) plan and other benefits.


TO APPLY: Contact Katrine Eik, keik@sunstarstrategic.com, with a cover letter and resume.



SunStar Strategic is seeking an ambitious Senior Account Executive for our Alexandria, Virginia office who can manage client accounts and help generate new business for the firm. 

Our focus is on the financial services sector, so experience and coursework in this area is an advantage. A position at SunStar is ideal for those interested in the intersection of marketing and finance.


Candidate will manage media relations services to current clients, recognizing that excellent client service and client retention is a core commitment of the firm. The successful candidate will also participate in the business development process.


  • Minimum of three years’ experience leading client accounts and working with executives
  • Proven client service/relationship building experience
  • Able to travel periodically to New York and other cities
  • Have relationships with top business and financial journalists/publications
  • Participate in 2-3 industry conferences annually
  • Participate as a speaker or panelist at industry conferences or firm webinars
  • Experience in use of social media and other digital outreach in PR
  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree
  • Leadership experience outside of work

About SunStar:

  • Twenty-five-year history
  • Represents national and international well-known financial clients as well as fast-growing firms building their brands
  • Core service is media relations
  • Additional services: website development, digital marketing, collateral design and copywriting, video production and content programs

This position is a good fit for someone who may be frustrated with the frenzied environment of a large firm and who would like to have more control over his/her career.

SunStar has an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes employee growth and opportunity. We offer in-house educational programs and staff members continually learn new skills and grow professionally.

Benefits include health insurance and 401k plan.  

Please submit your resume together with a cover letter addressing how you fit the position requirements to bbrummond@sunstarstrategic.com.

Digital PR/Marketing Contract Work

Work with us to expand digital PR/social media programs for our clients based on your knowledge of best practices in the financial industry.


  • Must have experience working in the digital PR/marketing space for an asset management or mutual fund provider targeting financial advisors.
  • Deep knowledge of best practices in digital delivery: effective budgeting, knowledge of audience per social media platforms, nurturing programs, optimizing content.
  • Experience with asset managers/fund managers targeting financial advisors, not retail.
  • Ability to execution on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in the advertising/sponsorship realm: Experience in ad set up, sponsor opps, selecting the target audience, monitoring the performance and interpreting and adjusting based on the analytics 
  • Results/analytics experience: We realize no one can guarantee and no one can even predict. That said, based on prior engagements, help us set our own and our clients expectations and interpret related analytics “in English.”
  • Training: We expect to learn from you to make this practice an integral part of our internal skill set.

This is a contract position.

Please submit a summary of your specific skills and experience as they relate to our requirements in additon to your resume to Marilyn Dale at mdale@sunstarstrategic.com