In this day and age, the Internet connects us with friends, colleagues and potential clients. We rely on social media platforms to connect us to people that we wouldn’t meet every day.

Creating a media presence is a great way to keep your current clients in the know and get potential clients interested in services your company provides. 

Social media influences our lives, so it's important to keep your information fresh and in touch with today’s culture. Dedicating a person or team to manage your social media accounts helps keep the lines of communication open with your investors and industry colleagues. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide appropriate spaces to distribute marketing materials and thought leadership while communicating directly with those involved in the financial services industry.

Think before you speak

It is important to manage and maintain your social media spaces carefully. It's too easy to ruin a company’s reputation. Every post and content idea should be carefully worded and reviewed. An empty LinkedIn or Twitter page with no interactions from you will misrepresent your engagement and commitment to service, clients and customers.

Practice makes perfect

By monitoring your platforms carefully and using these spaces to post fresh content regularly, social media can become an effective part of your mutual fund marketing strategy and attract many new clients. Also, researching your competitors’ activity keeps you in the loop about their marketing strategies and helps analyze their content.

Spend your time wisely

When maintaining a social media presence it's important that no time is wasted on platforms that don’t get any traffic. Focus on responding to questions or tweets to show your company is interested in direct contact with fans and potential clients. Engagement and regular communication is expected and leads to trust, which helps boost the company's reputation.

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