SunStar Strategic is a full-service media relations, communications and marketing firm. In addition to our core practice, we offer several specialized services:

  • Re-Print Management — SunStar will recommend strategies for promoting third-party endorsed news coverage and assist you in obtaining copies of these materials. If you prefer, SunStar can manage the entire re-print process, including securing permissions and pricing, preparing disclosures and coordinating approvals with compliance, and facilitating placement of the re-print or link to your website.
  • Crisis & Planning Communications — Our executives will help you craft a sound media strategy to plan ahead and navigate any potential issue, from a social media snafu to the departure of your star employee. A designated strategy is essential to mitigate potential fallout and safeguard your company’s reputation.
  • Contributor Program — To promote thought leadership, we encourage our clients to produce original content that can be published on top industry websites and news publications. Through these networks, you boost your credibility as an expert and enhance your resume. Our team of skilled writers is able to step in and assist or ghostwrite as needed.
  • Book Promotion — If you’ve never written a book before, this can be a great way to establish thought leadership. We can help you brainstorm and even introduce you to publishers, in addition to any editing and ghostwriting services you may need.
  • SunStar Client Conference — Our annual client conference focuses on growth and is an opportunity for mutual fund executives and sales and marketing professionals to share ideas and learn from each other, as well as hear from carefully selected industry experts.

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