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Thunderclap is storming the scene with their ability to increase company’s social media exposure. 

Social media is vital to the marketing plan of any company, but it takes more than simply creating a Facebook page or Twitter account to be successful. 

All too often, businesses create social media accounts and use them to post relevant, engaging content, but don’t draw the legions of followers they’d like to be reaching. How, then, can these businesses maximize their reach on social media through the followers they do have?

What is Thunderclap?

Audience interactions are the most obvious way to do this. Every like, comment, share, retweet or response your account draws pushes your content out to more and more viewers, putting you on their radar. Thunderclap, a relatively new social media management tool, has harnessed this idea and found a way to make it even more powerful, especially for cause-based services or non-profits. Individuals, businesses, and organizations can log on to thunderclap and create an ad in support of a cause or promoting an event that will form the basis of their Thunderclap campaign. They then select a timeframe for their campaign and a participant threshold—the number of users they would like to support their ad. Once the participant threshold has been met and the timeframe has elapsed, the ad will be pushed directly to every participant’s social media accounts, appearing as a post by individuals and reaching everyone in their social media networks, potentially thousands more people than the ad-maker could reach on their own.

How does it really work?

Here’s an example to illustrate: Say a renewable energy company—let’s call it Earth Matters—has 54 followers on Facebook and in a typical week, they reach 169 people. Earth Matters is planning a forum on incorporating green energy practices into people’s homes and businesses, and they want to spread the word to as many members of the public as possible. Earth Matters can sign up for Thunderclap (it’s free) and post an ad for the forum, tagging it to be featured in the Environment section of the Thunderclap website. Their goal is to get 200 people to support their ad in the week before the forum. In five days, they’ve reached their goal of 200 people, but since the campaign isn’t over yet, people continue to see and support their ad on Thunderclap until the full week is up. When all is said and done, 224 people have supported the ad and agreed to have it appear as a post on their personal social media accounts, which then appears on the Facebook timeline or Twitter feed of every person who follows them. Through those 224 people, Earth Matters’ ad has been seen by 582,185 people. That’s a 3,444% increase on their usual social media reach.

The success of a campaign relies on people browsing Thunderclap for ads to support, but if your company is looking for a way to expand its digital reach and promote itself, Thunderclap is worth looking into. All you need is an ad that you’d like thousands of people to see and a reason for a few people to get behind it.

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