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Ever wonder how some savvy fund managers and financial planners win their places as the media's "darlings" -- frequently quoted in numerous mainstream magazines, and other important publications, often basking in the glow of the spotlight on a financial news channel segment?

Are these managers just always in the right place at the right time? Maybe. But it's much more likely that each has worked to create their good fortune. They've almost certainly taken careful steps to increase their name recognition, build their reputation and garner that media attention.

Live for today but plan for tomorrow

One of the most important things financial planners teach their clients is to live for today, but plan for tomorrow. The same is true of planners themselves. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners recognize the ongoing need to strengthen ties with existing clients, while extending their exposure and expanding their client base in order to grow their business.

A flattering newspaper article about you or your company, or a third-party endorsement by a closely followed magazine journalist, can be worth a lot more to your business than you might think. A well-planned media campaign can dovetail perfectly with your existing efforts to seek referrals from satisfied clients and secure new ones through educational workshops and conferences.

Getting the media attention you deserve isn't a fluke or even a trick; it's an art. Here are some surefire tips to help you get more exposure:


Take the initiative

Don't be shy about reaching out to the business editor of your local or regional newspaper. Pick up the phone, shoot them an email, or even reach out via social media outlets such as LinkedIn.

Introduce yourself and briefly explain your firm and its core expertise. Invite them to call you for assistance should they be assigned an article that falls within your purview. Or better yet, suggest an interesting story idea to them.


Create a database of reporters

Building a secondary client base, just composed off reporters, journalists, editors, and broadcast people, can become invaluable should you want to get some important news out about your firm or issue an opinion on a hot topic in the news. Remember to invite them to hear you speak at a business meeting or client workshop/conference.


Love to write/talk? Here's your chance!

If you have as much of a passion for words as you do for asset allocation, now is your chance to shine. Submit a bylined article to your local newspaper, business publication or online resource. They may choose to print it. Or it could spark a story idea that could mean a reporter will want to interview, or even write a story all about you.

Alternatively, seek out opportunities to host a local radio program, or call-in radio or TV shows about financial topics that play to your expertise. Some fund managers and financial planners even pay to sponsor their own radio show to bolster their profile and showcase their expertise.


Leverage every media opportunity

If you do end up being the subject of a reporter's article, in whole or in part, play it up! Secure reprint permissions from the publication (some charge a fee) and run with it. Link it to your website, email, and social media accounts (be sure to follow compliance regulations). Feature pieces can even be worth securing hard copy reprints that can be presented at conferences or in-person client meetings. Be sure to frame at least one copy and tack it up in your office, within clear view of clients and visitors. Viola -- instant credibility!


Become the "go to" source for journalists

Journalists are usually short on time and long on needs -- for sources of information, a quick tutorial, color commentary or strong opinions. Make it a point to be readily available when reporters call and show them respect by returning their calls promptly. When a reporter calls with a question outside of your realm of knowledge, offer the name and number of someone in the know.


Keep looking in the mirror

A star is made -- not born. Consider media training, which is essentially “coaching” in the fine art of conducting interviews with reporters or broadcasters. You only get one chance to look good. A media trainer can help you refine your message, offer suggestions on handling reporters' questions and even demonstrate appropriate body language to use for TV opportunities.


You can find more information and additional tips here if you’re ready to use PR to boost your visibility.

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