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Considering A PR Firm


Add to your investor newsletter distribution. It will help you:

Get the most out of your quarterly newsletter or commentary – repurpose!

Connect with reporters

Position you as a thought leader


Find a reporter wherever you go, to:

Maximize your time and resources each time you travel

Add reporters when traveling for a conference In smaller cities, focus on local papers and business journals

Traveling for a client meeting? Tack on an interview

Visiting a potential company? Discuss with local reporters


Go national to get in your local paper:

Local - Many local papers don’t feature mutual funds or personal investing

Pitch - Getting a national feature can be used to pitch local reporters

Wire service - Don’t overlook a wire service with wide coverage.


"Dollar-cost-average" your reporter database

Start small – list any known reporters and start there Each month, target a few new contacts

As your presence grows, and reporters reach out, add them

Watch your database grow


Help THEM get ratings

Don't be afraid to do a little self-promotion

Blast an e-mail to your intermediaries and wholesalers

A large viewing audience benefits everyone involved


Use it or lose it. Maximize each piece of good press received by:

  1. Securing reprint rights to post links, video or transcripts to your website
  2. Send articles to intermediaries via email
  3. Include in your information kit
  4. Write and distribute via press release


Practice makes perfect

Fine tune that 2-minute answer or key message delivery

Practice on camera

Polished delivery can lead to repeat interviews


Help out a reporter in need

Be open to a reporter that stumbled across your fund

Move quickly to take advantage of good opportunities

Be responsive

You can make a long-term friend for additional coverage


Budgets are often tight and money doesn’t grow on trees. Investing in a good PR plan can really pay off.

These tips can produce successful results with little or no cost to you. To really make the most of a media outreach, a proactive program managed by PR professionals will take you to the next level.


At SunStar Strategic, we begin with message development and media training. We then develop a strategic outreach program to get you the attention you deserve.

Coaching and feedback provide continuous opportunities for improvement. Call us at 703.299.8390