A lot can be learned from the die-hard fan.

After 108 years, the Cubbie Bears finally made it and won the 2016 World Series? Even if you’re not a baseball fan, surely you’ve heard the news!

The Cubs hadn't seen the inside of the series since 1945 when they lost to the Detroit Tigers (some claim it’s all due to the curse of the billy goat).

They hadn't won a World Series title since 1908 – 108 years – yet die-hard fans are undeterred by history. The true fan, not to be confused by what some call “bandwagon fans,” traditionally starts every season with “this is our year!” and ends the season with “next year will be our year.”

The Cubs fan sails through the season unimpressed by the current leading team or the newest rising young rookie. They remain laser-focused on their beliefs looking only at their team whether they’re winning or losing. They’re able to spout stats about the team, individual players and past performance at the drop of a hat.

Tackle your next media interview like a Cubs fan.

Imagine you sit down with a reporter and they ask a question about Brexit or the new DOL Fiduciary Rule or even the election. What is it you want them to know? Do you want to sit around discussing politics? No, of course not. You’re there to talk about your fund and you don’t have a lot of time.

Use bridging techniques and seize the opportunity to tell your story.

Acknowledge the question asked, and turn it around. Making sure to mention your fund name, share information on your objectives and process. Discuss your unwavering commitment to your strategy that is unaffected by current events or the whims of market chatter.

The cubs fan has tunnel vision-focusing only on their team. Follow their example by using precious interview time to focus on your fund.


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