Today’s SunStar Strategic is a comprehensive media relations, communications and marketing firm, but we began as a strategic public relations company. Over the past several decades, we have honed this service to aggressively create timely opportunities for our clients to communicate their messages to key journalists. Our executives work diligently to build long-term relationships with publications dedicated to your industry as well as the major news outlets in television, magazine, daily news, radio, and online. Our strategic media campaigns include:

  • Proactive media outreach
  • One-on-one meetings with journalists
  • Pre- and post-interview coaching
  • Targeted press release distribution
  • Media events (press briefings, webinars, media calls, etc.)
  • Contributor opportunities


To prepare you for media interaction, we customize intensive media and communications training workshops. We guide you in crafting clear, repeatable, and concise statements that will engage and inform clients and reporters. Through simulated television interviews and roundtable exercises, you have the opportunity to gain confidence and receive feedback from our professionals and your peers.

 Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Define your process/product through simple, specific messages
  • Understand the media relations process – benefits and responsibilities
  • Cut your two-minute answer to 20 seconds
  • Be in control of the interview process
  • Deliver your message even when the reporter asks the wrong questions
  • Develop a charismatic and knowledgeable media persona
  • Understand the media from a compliance perspective


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