Do you consider yourself to be a good communicator? Perhaps you think you're able to get your point across by enunciating and speaking clearly to your audience. But, what about listening?

Communication is more than just talking -- it means being a good listener as well.

When you're talking with someone are you really listening? Or, are you mentally planning what you're going to say next? If you focus on the individual speaking, and really listen to what they're saying, you might find those lines of communication open up and run more smoothly.

Jonathan Alpert, Psychotherapist and author, shared 7 Tips on how to be an effective listener:

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Ask open ended questions
  3. Be emphathetic
  4. Don't jump to a solution
  5. Avoid bringing yourself into the conversation
  6. Make it all about them and put yourself in their shoes
  7. Don't interrogate or interrupt.

These 7 tips are invaluable and can be used to improve your relationships both personally and professionally. Next time you're meeting with a client thing about these tips and put them into practice. As an asset manager don't you want your clients to feel they're being heard? Being a good listener can help improve those client relationships.

These tips can also come in handy during a media interview.  If you listen to the interviewer with your full attention you'll build a relationship with the reporter more quickly which leads to a better interview.

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