When you’ve got an announcement big enough to warrant a press release you want to do it right. As a PR firm, we’re often asked about best practices so we're sharing answers to a few commonly asked questions.

Q. Can I just send my press release out to big publications like the Wall Street Journal?

A.   Big publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or Barron's are inundated with press releases every week, so the chances of your story being picked out the masses is small. You will have a much better chance of being mentioned in the media if you send out your release via a wire service. These services reach a wide variety of industry publications including leading national media outlets. Not only do wire services increase the chances of your product or firm being mentioned on your first try, it also allows your story to build momentum as it is picked up around the country, making it more likely that a publication like the Wall Street Journal will cover you as well. 

Q.   How do I submit a press release?

A.   When submitting a press release to a wire service, you should include a finalized, proofread copy of your release as well as an email explaining the following:

  • What type of distribution you want for your release (national or regional)
  • Who the contact person is for the release
  • What day and time the release should go out
  • Contact information in case the wire service has any questions about the content or attachments

The newswire will then respond, confirming receipt of your press release and asking any questions they may have.

For more information on press releases, feel free to contact us at 703-299-8390.