We don’t usually brag, but, according to the Web Marketing Association, SunStar leads the industry in the mutual fund web development category. SunStar Strategic won the 2020 Award for Best Mutual Fund Website for its work on the Mairs & Power site.

What makes the Mairs & Power site stand out?

One of the judges commented that the new site balances the appearance of a conservative and responsible corporate entity with the warmth of a friendly local/regional consultancy. This clearly reflected Mairs & Power’s intent of a year-long branding initiative – to honor the past, yet be part of the future while showcasing its approachability.

While designing the site it was of utmost importance to highlight what makes Mairs & Power different. For nearly a century they have been a trusted conservative investment firm investing primarily in the upper Midwest.



Overall, today’s sites need to be clean, easy to navigate, and content-rich. The Mairs & Power site also includes subtle design elements that are carried throughout the site to enhance overall cohesion:

  • Pinlines from the Mairs & Power logo appear throughout the site framing banners and headlines.
  • Etched glass design from the actual window at the firm appears on photos and in the background in many places in the site.
  • The color palette, comprised of bold yet conservative tones, adds to continuity from section to section while contributing to the overall calm, trustworthy feeling of the site.



SunStar partnered with Andy Richter who provided custom still and video photography.

Almost all websites include photographs today, but rather than exist as decoration or background flavor, the photos on the Mairs & Power site are a glimpse into life at the firm. The photos highlight the collegiality and camaraderie of team effort and a commitment to the firm’s home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The videos on the site reflect the tone and respect found within the firm for its investors, staff, and the community overall.



Before work on the site began, SunStar conducted interviews with clients, financial advisors, and staff. It was important to get the message right while also delivering a site that met needs and expectations. Insights gleaned from hours of interviews were incorporated into the design, overall feel, and functionality of the site.

"We couldn't be more pleased, SunStar helped us hold on to our nearly 100-year history as a conservative investment firm while bringing us into 2020. Our new site reflects our dedication to our process and to investing in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. It also gives clients and potential investors an excellent glimpse into who we are as people."

Annette Lance, Assistant Manager-Investor Relations for Mairs & Power



SunStar’s technology partner, Jikometrix, built the site using state-of-the-art open-source software. A duplicate beta site was also built allowing new content to be reviewed by compliance before being posted to the live site. The partnership between SunStar and Jikometrix blends the expertise in web design and programming that is well-grounded in years of experience working in the financial services industry. The result is a dynamic website with enhanced functionality that is easy for visitors to navigate.

Jikometrix hosts the site and continues to provide technical support.


Past success

This is the second time SunStar has received an award from the Web Marketing Association. In 2018, the SunStar Strategic site was recognized with a Standard of Excellence Achievement in the public relations category. The site content and design were also completed by SunStar’s creative services team and technology partner, Jikometrix.net.  The SunStar site features four blogs showcasing our various areas of expertise where new content is added weekly.

The site also features an expansive Education Center chock full of valuable resources in marketing, mutual funds, public relations, web design, and much more. The SunStar team is constantly creating new materials, videos, infographics, forms, and landing pages to support its robust marketing program. Visitors to the site can always find fresh exciting content.


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