SunStar's Kathryn Morrison released the exciting results of the joint research project with Discovery Database at today's Tiburon CEO Summit XXXV in San Francisco, CA, October 2018.


The published report, "What Do Advisors Want?", is the culmination of an extensive research project designed to gain insights on how financial advisors seek information about mutual funds and ETFs.

“We’ve gained fresh insights by talking directly with advisors, which will be of great value to our clients," said Morrison. "We’ll be able to advise and assist our clients so they can communicate what advisors want to hear and how they want to hear it.”

SunStar partnered with Discovery Data to complete the research. Their extensive database includes financial advisors and registered investment advisors across the country.


Advisor research SS and DD

Discovery Data and SunStar Strategic executives release research on What Advisors Want at the 2018 Tiburon XXXV.

Left to right: Craig Katz and Bob Herrmann of Discovery Data, Kathryn Morrison of SunStar Strategic. Photo credit: Sarka Photography


Advisors completed email surveys and follow up phone interviews. They openly shared their insights on go-to sources, work habits, challenges, and dislikes and frustrations.

“The results of this study validate the advice we give to our asset management and mutual fund clients today. They also suggest new strategies that will enhance their ability to interact with and deliver information to advisors. These ideas can be game changers for some fund companies,” said Morrison.

Access the results here. You can download the full report, "What Do Advisors Want?", to see what we learned, or view the results via video.


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Read the full press release here.

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