I think of PR and marketing the same way as I do a jigsaw puzzle: no one piece will make it whole.

Several factors can make a measurable impact on your mutual fund company's success, but many work best in concert with others. Although you could pick just one thing to do, it's most likely not going to achieve the outcome you want on its own. The most effective thing you can do to promote your firm is assess your goals and develop a cohesive PR and marketing plan to meet those objectives.

Tips for Crafting your PR/Marketing Plan

  1. Message and brand development – Developing a mutual fund’s brand identity  is a crucial step in any marketing plan.  Your core messages must be consistent when reaching out to clients and investors.  The message should always tie back to their overall strategy and brand identity.
  2. Website – Visual appeal is a first step, but be sure to incorporate the firm’s brand identity and core messages into the overall theme of the website.
  3. Content – Once the overall website theme has been designed, it must offer relevant content for its visitors. When a potential investor visits a fund company’s website, take advantage of this opportunity by offering relevant, interesting content that keeps them engaged.  Include media, videos, articles, white papers, blogs and social media.
  4. Public Relations – Once the brand identity, message, website and content have been developed, a strategic media relations PR campaign is an effective way to communicate a fund firm’s core messages to key journalists.  Adding third party credibility to your website is a great way to keep your website fresh with new content.  Plus, when potential investors visit your website because of your PR efforts, you’ll have a content rich website to keep visitors engaged.

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