When approaching your PR and Marketing Plan it’s important to consider the various components. 

Like cogs on a wheel, each component is minor but plays a very necessary part in the success of the overall plan.


Message and brand development

This is the cornerstone of your plan. Don’t move forward until you’ve developed your mutual fund’s brand identity and message. Your core messages should be consistent on all materials and whenever you’re reaching out to clients or prospects. Make sure any press facing executives are well versed in articulating the messages consistently and succinctly and able to tie in the message with the fund’s brand identity and overall strategy. 



Professional and appealing design is important to a successful website. Of equal importance is the consistency of your firm’s messages and brand across all areas of the site. Ensure the site is user-friendly and follows intuitive navigation.



“Content is king.” Your firm’s website should include relevant content that can be easily found and digested by your visitors.  Offer content that can be downloaded on demand including both timely and evergreen pieces. Your website can be a go-to resource for managers and investors. Include a variety of media such as blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, social media, and more.


Public Relations

A strategic public relations plan can be used to share your firm’s messages and brand identity with your target audience via key journalists. You can share your message via print and media interviews for greater distribution. Sharing your successful media coverage with your clients and prospects not only gets your message out, but it also adds third-party credibility.


Still not convinced? Check out these case studies to see how a comprehensive PR and marketing plan helped these funds grow.

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