SunStar Strategic: A strategic approach to public relations and marketing

World class soccer players know you can’t just storm the field in disarray and expect to win. Champions need a game plan with precisely executed plays. PR and marketing are the same way.

What’s your strategy? Who are you and how are you superior? That’s your message. It must be clear, concise, and repeatable. At Sunstar, we help you develop your messages and make sure everyone on your team tells them consistently.

A powerful tool is the news media. We have strong relationships with the most influential journalists in the country and we can introduce you to them. They, in turn, will tell their readers about you or book you on TV.

Your customers are online, so ask yourself is your website attractive, engaging, and easy to navigate? Do you have a blog with fresh content? Social media is a powerful tool that is sophisticated, changing daily, and cannot be ignored, and we’ll give you the muscle to handle it.

There are many components to an online strategy and it can be overwhelming. At Sunstar, we can help you figure it out and do the work for you, from writing and distributing blog content, to producing videos, and placing thought leadership in highly respected news outlets.

Now that you’ve developed your strategy, kick the ball down the field, score your points, and be a winner.