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Hennessy Advisors

SunStar Strategic has been our public relations partner for over two decades, and in that time, this fantastic team has consistently exceeded our expectations in offering personalized attention and savvy business strategy.


 SunStar has successfully utilized its financial industry expertise and extensive network of reporters to position our team of portfolio managers as sought-after asset management spokespeople. SunStar has allowed us to garner broad and consistent coverage from virtually every major financial media outlet, which has resulted in the Hennessy name being in the media on average once every two to three days.


The SunStar team is smart and sophisticated, and also fun to work with, and they always get the job done. We couldn't recommend this accomplished team more highly.



Hennessy Advisors is an investment adviser to a boutique fund family in Novato, California managing domestic and international funds.

Founder Neil Hennessy has become a prominent media resource over 20 years supported by the services of SunStar Strategic. He has always considered promoting the brand to be one of his most important responsibilities. The Hennessy family of funds has grown from under $200 million in 2002 to nearly $3.8 billion AUM today.



In 2002, Hennessy was seeking a strategy that would deliver significant growth for the firm. The firm had no wholesalers. Its primary shareholder base was retail, with advisors being a secondary source of assets.



Hennessy Advisors hired SunStar in 2002 in lieu of hiring a wholesaler. The firm believed that creating a national brand would be the most effective way to grow the funds.


SunStar worked with Hennessy to develop an overall strategy along with key messages. In SunStar’s media training, which Hennessy has participated in 20 times during our decades-long relationship, the firm’s spokespersons have been coached to deliver consistent, compelling messages.


Initially, when assets under management were $200 million, Neil traveled from San Francisco to New York nearly every month to talk with a variety of reporters.


Over the past 17 years, SunStar has produced an annual press event to showcase Hennessy’s expertise and outlook for the U.S. equity market. The event, held in New York, is attended by more than 30 top-tier financial journalists on average.



Over the course of our 22-year partnership, the funds managed by Hennessy has grown to $3.8 billion in assets, as of April 2024. 

Over this timeframe the firm has continued to grow both organically and through acquisitions.  Hennessy’s commitment to PR has been unwavering.


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