Founder & Executive Advisor


Public Relations Evangelist: Helping Companies Tell Compelling Stories

Kathryn Morrison serves as the Founder & Executive Advisor to SunStar Strategic, a public relations and marketing firm. She founded SunStar in 1991, and served as its CEO and president until her retirement in fall 2023. She launched the firm following a successful career as the director of information services for the Investment Company Institute (ICI) and a broadcast journalism producer at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters.

SunStar Strategic specializes in attracting investors and building brands for all genre of companies, with a very strong practice in financial services entities, from wealth managers to mutual funds, asset management firms and regional banks.

The firm helps clients to enhance their stories and build brand recognition. SunStar Strategic attracts clients with the highest integrity and excellent products and services to ensure successful relationships with the media.

SunStar has helped some of the largest financial corporations to improve their competitive positions, launch new product lines, enhance brands, or extend strategic relationships, yet Kathryn finds her work with entrepreneurial companies particularly fascinating. She enjoys helping them attract investors, encouraging them to innovate, enter new markets, enhance profitability, create jobs and deliver products and services that improve the lives of Americans.

Kathryn has been a speaker at many conferences for the mutual fund industry. She has been quoted in financial publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Registered Rep, Ignites, Mutual Fund Wire and Financial Planning. In addition, she has been featured in publications such as MyBUSINESS Magazine, a publication of the National Federation of Independent Business, USA Today, Money Market Executive (MME), and has been a contributor to ABC News World News This Morning.

Kathryn is proud of SunStar’s past achievement of the “Women Owned Small Business Certification” from the National Women Business Owners Corporation, an entity of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

She is personally committed to supporting socially responsible investing, participating in ESG conferences such as the SRI conference, and her prior work as publisher of the blog, Responsible Investing (SRI) Ideas and Strategies.

Kathryn hails from Texas, where she graduated from Baylor University. She frequently spends time at her second home in Austin where she grew up. She’s also very active in her local Virginia community, volunteering and helping to build a community garden at the Charles Houston Recreation Center.

Kathryn shares her life with her husband Bob and two rescue Yorkies, Pumpkin and Bo. She is proud of her two sons and two grandchildren. She enjoys travel, biking and reading, and has an avid interest in photography. Kathryn prides herself on being the family historian collecting family stories, photographs and documents.