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According to some managers, you shouldn't be. They believe the President's decision to withdraw from the Paris accord will increase the need for environmental, social and governance investing (ESG).

Last year in the U.S. $7 trillion went to ESG investments. That number has been steadily rising each year.

With the majority of the globe still committed to addressing climate change ESG investments will be more important than ever.

Concerns about climate change are already top of mind for many large corporations. Moody's prepared a report, "Environmental Risks -- Sovereigns: How Moody's Assesses the Physical Effects of Climate Change on Sovereign Issuers", and S&P is reportedly working on how to incorporate the risk to bonds from severe or unpredictible weather.

Even if the U.S. does in fact withdraw from the Paris accord, which technically cannot happen until 2020, these climate concerns are not going to go away and assets will continue to flow into ESG investments.

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