We’ve written recently on the upward trend of ESG investing and the asset inflows. But what ESG criteria are  most important to institutional investors?

As Forbes writes, “The leading ESG criteria institutional investors consider are restrictions on investing in companies doing business in regions with conflict risk, particularly in countries with repressive regimes or sponsoring terrorism, and climate change and carbon emissions-related issues.”

To put it simply, it’s the client demand leading the charge. 85% of money managers cite client demand as the number one reason for ESG growth in their portfolios. Other top factors include “risk (81%), returns (80%), and social benefit (79%). And 63% pointed to fiduciary duty.”

It’s also no surprise that climate change touches every portfolio in some capacity.

More good news? “The investing style has been around long enough to have established a real track record, along with studies showing a positive correlation between companies with strong ESG policies and overall performance.”

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