ESG investments were once considered risky niche investments – but that’s no longer the case. They currently account for over $20 trillion of assets under management.

In a recent piece Business Green shared new data on ESG investing from financial analyst, MSCI. They shared thoughts on ESG trends to look for in 2019.

"For an ESG investor, the long haul already has started," it states. "Underlying many of the 2019 themes are potentially overlooked costs and opportunities, and our 2019 ESG Trends to Watch have one thing in common: Acting today could make the difference tomorrow."

The MSCI report called out 5 primary issues for ESG investments in 2019:

  1. The ongoing debates over plastic waste and global efforts to improve it
  2. Increased regulations for ESG investors
  3. Investors will need to assess their portfolios through the lens of climate-related risks
  4. Data on ESG has become more readily available. Investors will need to learn and understand the data
  5. Investors growing scrutiny of their investments will have a direct impact on company leadership. Transparency will become even more important.

 Want to learn more about what they see for ESG investing in 2019? You can find the full article here.