In the most recent episode of our podcast series, Sustainable Finance with Paul Ellis, we interviewed Marguerita Cheng, CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth.

Ms. Cheng shared her perspective on women in finance and how they are promoting the use of gender-lens investing and strategies to integrate into their investment portfolios.

Women control nearly 30 percent of the world’s wealth, and 51 percent of personal wealth in the U.S. They tend to take a more comprehensive and holistic approach toward wealth and value transparency.  Ms. Cheng believes women investors and consumers are influencing the way companies plan for long-term success.

There are three financial concepts she believes all women need to understand.

  1. Time value with money
  2. Compound interest
  3. Tax-deferred growth/tax-free growth

Looking toward the future, Ms. Cheng sees ample opportunities for women to leverage their growth by becoming more financially literate and/or more financially savvy and as a result become more confident and empowered to invest for the future.

You can listen to the full interview and view the transcript here.