Is your firm making a difference? Spread the word! There’s a common misperception that ESG or socially responsible investing offers little or no return. 

There are many firms turning to ESG investing. While it's gaining in popularity, it's still a bit of an uphill battle because of the misconception that one must give up performance with responsible investing.  

As Karina Funk points out, it's actually the opposite. She says, “it’s not about whether we might make less money by considering the environment. For me, it’s not about a tradeoff whatsoever. It’s about how can we make more money by finding situations where companies are being smart about the environment in ways that helps them grow their revenues, reduce costs and increase market share. In short, it’s about figuring out how to have it both ways.”

See how some firms are sharing information with investors and potential clients to dispel these myths.

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