At home, energy costs can really add up, and it isn’t like we can simply stop using electricity. A large part of our lives at home involves the need for and use of energy. From computers to home entertainment games to television and appliances, we’re used to flipping switches on and off all day long.

And we feel the price of our demands when we get that monthly electricity bill. With the constant additions to electrical conveniences being made available to consumers, it’s unlikely that we will decrease our usage of power in the future. Here are five energy alternatives to relying on the electrical company for your power needs:

  1. Solar Energy. Harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity has been around for years. You can purchase kits to install solar panels on your roof to utilize the daylight to generate electricity. If you intend on doing this with many panels, then it might be worth the cost to contract with a solar power company to install a complete solar power system. You may even be eligible for help from the government with the cost of this type of alternative. With the money you will save on your electricity bill, solar energy will pay for itself over time.

  2. Wind.  If you live in an area where it is windy most of the year, then you might consider installing a propeller-driven generator in your backyard. They are easy to obtain and construct on your property, and, unlike solar power, they work both day and night. Even when a storm clouds the sky, propellers can still turn due to high winds.

  3. Magnetic Generators. Properly constructed magnets can create a generator that functions without the assistance of sunlight or air. With accurate instructions, you can build your own magnetic generator at home for reasonable investment costs.

  4. Hydro Power. This is a reasonable option for those who dwell near a river or stream. Hydro power operates on a constant basis, and the output of electricity depends upon a variety of factors, like how fast the water is flowing.  Where you have access to moving water, there exists the potential for that water to supplement your home energy needs.

  5. Creative Generators. If you have the time and are willing to do some experimenting, you could try generators that run off alternative types of fuel. If you use exercise equipment at home, it is possible to hook up these items to run a generator. Manpower might not work for a full time solution, but it can help in small ways, and thus is worth considering.

Although all of the alternative solutions listed above might not fit for every person in every situation, each is worth reviewing to see which might help lower your own electricity bill. You can also call your local electricity provider for their help in finding ways you can benefit from alternative energy sources like these.

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