Ever thought it would be possible to have 25% of the nation’s energy come from renewable sources by 2025?

This is exactly what the aptly named 25x’25 sees for America’s future. 

Through a support base that includes 1,000 endorsing partners and a group of influential leaders, they are working toward a clearly defined set of objectives as follows:

  • Defend and advance federal and state policies and programs that are essential to the 25x’25 goal
  • Facilitate and forge consensus and development around strategies and action plans to overcome renewable energy barriers
  • Expand and strengthen partner support and advocacy for clean energy policies
  • Proactively communicate timely facts and counter misinformation on agriculture and forestry clean energy contributions
  • Enhance the functioning of the 25x’25 Alliance

By tapping into our resources, they believe we have the ability to cultivate 25% renewable energy while simultaneously producing enough food, strengthening national security, reducing dependence on foreign fuel, decreasing emissions, keeping energy affordable, and bolstering our economy.

To learn more about this effort, visit http://www.25x25.org/.