Maps can be used for more than just driving directions!


Better Interviews & Sales Meetings with a Message Map

Using a message map can help you better know your story and deliver more powerful interviews.


SunStar Strategic's Message MapSM can help ensure you cover your:

Static Messages- The ones that remain unchanged like firm and fund name, fund objective and investment philosophy

Evolving Messages - How you are making money today, themes and opportunities you see in the market and more


Media interviews aren't easy

With practice, preparation and the right tools you can improve your interview performance and get the most from each opportunity.


Are you ready to commit to improving your interview performance?

Download and use our complimentary Message MapSM  before your next media interview and watch your results improve.


Message Map SunStar Strategic


SunStar Strategic has been helping clients fine-tune their interviewing skills for over 25 years. During our Media Training Workshops, we coach portfolio managers on how to deliver their key messages consistently.

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