Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease, has become the lead spokesperson of the Coronavirus task force.

Dr. Fauci has an impressive CV, and despite the incredibly scientific language and concepts he must deliver – he’s become a household name and people of all backgrounds and education levels are able to understand the messages he’s delivering.

These are trying times with complex topics – how is he so successful? Why has he become so popular?

PR daily came up with 5 characteristics Dr. Fauci uses when communicating that we can all learn from:



There is no question Dr. Fauci knows A.LOT. But what makes him even more credible is that he also admits the things he does NOT know. He is presented as the penultimate expert and the fact that he admits that while he has most answers, he doesn’t have all the answers which makes him that much more credible.



Dr. Fauci must address a national audience of all education levels and present complex information. He could easily rely on data-laden charts and jargon but he doesn’t. He uses plain language and describes concepts in a way that is easily understood.



Dr. Fauci has been able to connect with generations of all ages, particularly millennials. He doesn’t talk “down to them,” but instead delivers information to the authentically and directly.  



Dr. Fauci has serious information to deliver. He could shout and incite panic but instead, he delivers the information calmly, with confidence and even sometimes with humor. He is regularly reassuring listeners by laying out the facts calmly, no matter how tragic or scary the content, then reminding that them that it won’t last forever and that as a country we will get through this.



Dr. Fauci’s ability to stay on message is expert level. It doesn’t matter what news he is delivering that day or what question he is asked, Dr. Fauci sticks to the following four points:

  • Current data shows X
  • The models are telling us X
  • This is what we don’t know and/or need to find out
  • The public should do X

No matter what question Dr. Fauci is asked, he is able to bridge back to these key points. He has important information to share and while it may seem redundant at times, he keeps circling back.  


Dr. Fauci has become somewhat of a national hero in these trying times and there is a lot that can be learned from his style and delivery.

Think about how these 5 communication tips can make a difference in your next interview:

  1. Credibility
  2. Simplify
  3. Connect
  4. Stay calm
  5. Focus

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