The holidays are upon us and for many these days are filled with hustle and bustle.  There are gatherings with family, friends and colleagues and often the accompanying cooking, baking, cleaning, and hosting.

In the midst of the holiday madness, we can often rely on holiday traditions to keep us grounded and connected to those around us. Whether it’s a family tradition passed down over generations or a fledgling tradition in its infancy, we find comfort in its consistency.

Traditions vary greatly and for some it’s an outing or a trip and for others it might be a meal or a specific recipe. We asked the team at SunStar Strategic to share their beloved holiday customs or a favorite holiday recipe.

“Since I was little, everyone got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. I’ve now looped my new husband into this and dragged him to my parents’ house last year to partake!”

My favorite holiday recipe is Spritz cookies. We make them in various shapes and colors -- and every year we lovingly gripe about wrestling with the cookie press!    

Katie Bird

PR & Programming Associate


“Every year I travel to San Francisco on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with a long-time British friend and see other friends in the Bay area.  We decorate the tree when I arrive.”

For over 30 years I’ve made a traditional English Christmas Cake for my fellow Brits – no one else in the world likes fruit cake!

Sue Bryant

Partner, Operations/HR Manager


“Cutting down a fresh Charlie Brown tree far bigger than I can ever fit in my car! Once, many years ago, we had a 12 foot tree, a German Shepherd, a baby in a car seat, and two adults…in a hatchback!”

You can’t go wrong with a traditional poppy seed cake.

Marilyn Dale

VP, Director, Creative & Digital Services


“Every year I make hot chocolate, bundle my kids up into the double stroller (might graduate to the wagon this year) and walk through our neighborhood looking at lights. We also drive around in the car to see them but doing it on foot in the fresh air is my favorite.”

I’m a big fan of holiday cookies but my favorite to make-and eat-are oatmeal craisin white chocolate cookies.

Kerri Fronczak

AVP, Creative & Digital Services


“Every year I love decorating our Christmas tree!”

There are so many things to choose from but my favorite is the honey-baked ham.

Milin Iyer



“My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. I love the tradition of getting the lights out, organizing them, gathering the ornaments, putting on the Christmas music and getting the tree decorated with my kids. We have ornaments from the time I was a kid mixed in with the ones my kids have made during their grade school years. We decorate with lights in the living room and trim the tree from bottom to top and the house is festive through the holidays.”

My favorite recipe is peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s kiss on top.

Anthony Massucci



“I like decorating my Christmas tree. Some of the ornaments are from my grandmother and evoke such special memories. There are also ratty (but meaningful) homemade ornaments from my childhood. The best part is the Christmas tree skirt which my mother made in the 1970s, complete with hand embroidered sequined festive holiday scenes.”

I would have to say the sausage stuffing is my favorite.

Melissa Murphy

Partner, VP


“Decorating our tree is an important tradition for us. My daughter and the family helps to decorate the tree together while Christmas music plays in the background.”

I love good old fashioned apple pie.

Hibre Teklemariam

Partner, VP


No matter what traditions you participate in we hope you enjoy them.

From our SunStar family to yours,

Happy Holidays!