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SunStar Strategic designed and launched a new website, sunstarstrategic.com.

The new site features over 300 pages of educational materials primarily highlighting marketing and public relations ideas for financial firms.

The robust Education Center features more than 40 pieces of invaluable content including e-books, infographics, webinar replays and articles on topics like: 

  • 7 Great Ideas for Fund Marketers
  • Communicating During Volatile Markets
  • Top 10 Advantages & Limitations of PR
  • 13 Tips to Improve ROI at Advisor Conferences

The site highlights SunStar’s expertise as a financial public relations firm and also showcases its capabilities in content writing, distribution, design and digital outreach. With four blogs that focus on  Public RelationsDigital/MarketingMutual Fund Ideas and Responsible Investing, it covers a vast array of topics.

SunStar Strategic has more than 20 years of experience delivering powerful, proactive public relations programs for mutual funds, ETF providers, asset managers, registered investment advisory firms and banks. The company's creative services group has been delivering comprehensive digital solutions--from websites to social to digital outreach--for more than 10 years. 

“Funds turn to us because we understand the industry,” said Marilyn Dale, vice president with SunStar. "Our writers have extensive industry experience and understand the complexities of various securities as well as the applicable FINRA rules to keep the sites compliant. This is a huge benefit to our clients,  saving tremendous time in rewrites by the fund managers and in ensuring compliance standards are  met.” 

For more details, you can find the full release here.

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