Body language is a powerful tool that can help you communicate effectively and convey your message without saying a word.

What is your body language telling your audience?

Is it telling them you’re trustworthy?


As you prepare for your next media interview practicing your body language is just as important as practicing your verbal language!

Take a look at our infographic, “Media Interview Tips: Body Language Matters.” You’ll find valuable insights into the world of body language, highlighting the importance of nonverbal communication and how it can impact how you are perceived both personally and professionally.


body lang infog


Learn more about the different types of body language, including facial expressions, eye contact, posture, and gestures, and take advantage of the actionable tips provided that can help you improve body language.

As you prepare for your next media interview, take these tips to heart. Looking for more tips? You may find these articles to be of interest:

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Practice makes perfect – even when it comes to interviewing! 

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