Don’t let lack of experience or a smaller AUM stop your pitch cold. 

Whether you have a PR firm or like to do-it-yourself, we’ve got some time-tested tips to help! Following these guidelines will help your firm appear more attractive to the press.


Create Relationships with Journalists

Try email, phone, coffee meetings; follow journalists on Twitter and LinkedIn. But stop short of texting and Facebook unless you develop a personal connection.


Be Relevant

Know what the journalists you solicit write/talk about.


Don’t Be Too Busy

Say “yes!” to a producer scrambling to fill a spot, you’ll be remembered for more opportunities. Be willing to talk on a wide range of topics. Intelligent speakers on the broad market are valuable.


Pick Me! I Want to be on TV

Producers look for media and on-camera experience. Add video to your website, say “yes” to lesser-known stations and shows to enhance your desirability.


Keep it Simple

Avoid jargon in your pitch and interviews. Succinct pitches are more likely to be considered.


Be Newsworthy

Offer unique insights, tying your pitch to current events.


Don’t be Shy

Who’ll sing your praises if you don’t? Pitch your credentials for your products and your expertise.

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