You've scored a fantastic opportunity for a media interview. Now what? Preparation is key - see how a public relations professional can help.

Getting the interview is only the first step. Don't blow the opportunity - make sure you're prepared.

There are many things to take into consideration from what you wear, to how you sit, to the gestures you make. Engaging the assistance of a public relations professional can help you and your firm get the recognition you deserve.

Our executives have spent years building long-term relationships with publications in the financial industry as well as major outlets in television, magazine, daily news, radio and online. We leverage those relationships to secure timely interviews for our clients. Our strategic media campaigns include:

  • Proactive media outreach
  • One-on-one meetings with journalists
  • Pre- and post-interview coaching
  • Targeted press release distribution
  • Media events (press briefings, webinars, media calls, etc.)
  • Contributor opportunities

Our public relations executives do more than "just" schedule interviews. They work with their clients before and after each interview providing coaching and tips. Working through possible questions and how to stay on message no matter what question is asked. Following each interview our executives provide immediate feedback that can be used for future interviews. 

Think you're ready to jump into media interaction? 

We customize our intensive media and communications training workshops for each client. We guide them in crafting clear, repeatable, and concise statements that will engage and inform clients and reporters. Through simulated television interviews and roundtable exercises, our clients have the opportunity to gain confidence and receive feedback. During the workshop clients learn to:

  • Define your process/product through simple, specific messages
  • Understand the media relations process – benefits and responsibilities
  • Cut your two-minute answer to 20 seconds
  • Be in control of the interview process
  • Deliver your message even when the reporter asks the wrong questions
  • Develop a charismatic and knowledgeable media persona
  • Understand the media from a compliance perspective

Sure, you could launch a public relations program on your own or you could hire an expert and get the attention you deserve.

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