If you're sitting down for a media interview-weather you're back in your office or you're working from home-make sure to dress the part.

Dress for success.... Dress for the job you want.... Dress to impress....

There are many other similar idioms but they all say the same thing. Dressing the part can help lead to success!

 Maybe you're thinking, "but I'm an expert in my field! It doesn't matter what I wear!" Actually it does. A person wearing business attire is much more likely to be perceived as an authority than an individual wearing jeans or casual clothes. Experts in the tech industry frequently wear jeans and sneakers – but that’s not the case in the finance industry. 


Home office

If you're still working from home you may have gotten used to more casual work attire and that is your prerogative.

Are you taking client meetings in casual clothes? More likely you're dressing up even just a little. 


Dress for the job you want

When you're prepping for your interview take a look at your surroundings. What will audiences see? How is the lighting? If you're wearing a jacket, leave it buttoned or slightly open. Take a lesson from Good Morning America's Will Reeve and be sure that if you choose NOT to dress head-to-toe for your interview, that your bottoms do not show. 


usatoday will reeve
photo credit: USA Today


Looking for still more tips on interview preparation? Consider signing up for media training and remember that actions speak louder than words!


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