Are you waiting for things to “return to normal” before kicking off your PR plan?

What if there is a “new” normal? What if this is what it looks like?

As cities start to emerge from stay-at-home orders things might look a little different. Experts are saying the novel coronavirus is not going away anytime soon and will not stop being a concern until there is a vaccine.

People are speculating what life will look like as people start to return to work. For those returning to an office, the popular “open office” design will no longer be safe. Shared spaces like break rooms and conference rooms will have to be adapted to hold fewer people to maintain a 6-foot distance. Some offices may need to be completely redesigned.

It’s possible floor coverings and furnishings may be swapped out in favor of surfaces that are more easily cleaned and/or less likely to trap germs.

In some cases, companies have invested quite a bit in more equipment like desks and technologies to provide their workers with efficient workspaces in the home. Having made the investment will they keep it that way and forgo a return to shared office space?

Only time will tell.

If you’ve been waiting to kick off your PR plan you might want to rethink that. This may seem like an unusual time to do PR but what if this is the new normal? Don’t wait for things to settle down – that might be awhile – investors need to hear from you.

You’ve got a good strategy – it’s time to share it. Let us help you get started with a free PR consultation.


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