PR Newswire may be your trusty go-to tool for uploading your press releases. However, you may not know they offer many other services that can bolster your distribution efforts.

For starters, there may be some additional features you can employ when sending out a press release. PR Newswire has their proprietary MEDIAtlas microlist, containing target lists to be used as a supplement to wire distribution, not as stand-alone distribution. They also have buy side/sell side and pitch lists available, as well as the option to customize your own target list. In particular, they provide a mutual funds list for a small fee. Individual prices for the different lists are available upon request.

Another valuable tool is ProfNet, designed to quickly connect reporters with expert sources. On ProfNet, you can post professional bios which can be embedded in your news releases. In addition to Search Engine Optimization services, PR Newswire also allows you to post to SocialPost, which creates a quick tweet that will be sent out via the PR Newswire handle with a link to your news release. Photos, files and links can also be included to enrich your releases.

Perhaps the most important addition to their services is the reporting feature. Without additional fees, these reports display who posted your release on their site and from which publications the journalists who viewed your release are from. You can even see who found you via a search engine. For easier viewing, these reports can be exported into PDF format.

Lastly, PR Newswire hosts multimedia releases organized by industry; these can include photos, videos and links. The customer page has been revamped to integrate all of their services. 

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