I participated in media training - why do I need it again? 


Oh no! You are a fund manager and you’ve just been informed during the height of earnings season that your firm is having a refresher media training program.

It’s being given by that same firm that tried to tell you how to speak and not speak about your fund not that long ago.  At least to you, it seemed like yesterday. “Not again!” you probably say. You are busy trying to make money for your shareholders and now you’ve got to break away an entire day to learn again what you already know, how to explain the investment strategy of your fund. You know your fund better than anyone and can explain it better than anyone. 


Fresh approach

However, that’s not the best mindset. You need to think differently, and not just because you are too busy. 

Most likely, you’ve forgotten most of the key principles that were taught at the previous media training. It is not your day job. And, many asset management firms do refresher media training sessions on a regular basis.


Now, taking a step back, your original media training program taught you:

  • How to explain your key messages of your investment process in a succinct manner, without the multi-syllable jargon words. Ask yourself, have you slipped back into doing that? Probably so! You need to be able to explain what separates you from the competition using plain English.
  • The importance of establishing relationships with the financial media so as to earn 3rd party endorsements that helps your sales team more quickly build your brand.
  • How to control the interview by bridging from the irrelevant, chaotic questions posed by a TV anchor to a key theme or message about your fund. Do you have that phrase ready to bridge to a discussion about your investment process? And, in so doing, convincing viewers to buy your fund or at least give it a look. Remember, it is important for you to make your current and future shareholders feel comfortable with you. And, really, you need to feel comfortable to make a viewer stop and listen. I know you heard this at the last training session, but, you should always be wearing your sales hat.
  • Public relations is a very inexpensive way to achieve recognition in a cluttered and messy industry that provides investors far too many alternatives. And, as you know, many investors may spend more time researching that next car or refrigerator than in selecting a mutual fund to help secure their own retirement.


A refresher course is worth the investment!

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