The market has been on a wild ride lately with whiplash inducing ups and downs. Now more than ever investors need to hear from you – they need to hear your thoughts and insights on the market and why you’re not running for the hills!

Expand your reach

It would be a herculean feat to reach out to every one of your clients and prospects individually on the same day. How can you reach them all at the same?

Participating in a media interview can help you reach your target audience all at once – not to mention you can share clips from the interview via email, social media, and on your website.


Media training

Before jumping in, consider enlisting the help of a public relations professional to help with media training. You wouldn’t run onto a basketball court mid-game without ever having taken a shot would you? No, you’d practice first. Media interviews are no different.

During media training you’ll learn to manage your words, tone and body language. You’ll understand how to prepare for every interview so you can deliver the points you planned to make even when asked the “wrong” questions. You’ll go home with the techniques you need to feel in control of every interview.


Practice makes perfect

By participating in media training, you’ll have the chance to learn, practice and fine tune your interviewing skills.

When you’ve completed your training, you’ll be confident in your ability to present yourself intelligently, appear trustworthy, and be persuasive. When clients and prospects see you in a media interview not only do you achieve instant implied credibility, but you’ll also be viewed as an industry thought leader and a trusted source.

If you’re ready to jump into media training – or even a refresher course – we can help!