Media interviews can be nerve-wracking. Don't stress! Go back to the basics - the ABCs.

Any good interviewee knows a successful interview occurs when they stick to the basics. Staying calm and on message not only allows you to get your point across but also allows you to shine as a thought leader. There's a lot going on today with politics, the coronavirus, and more - don't get sidetracked.

As you prepare for your next media interview, just remember your ABCs:


Answer, acknowledge, don’t avoid

Bridging technique within 10 seconds

Core message

Deliver full name of your fund(s)

Express the interviewer’s first name

Finish within 30 seconds


SunStar Strategic offers media training workshops to help fund executives prepare for and get the most from their media interviews. During these sessions, clients learn to manage both verbal and non-verbal communications as they practice in a simulated studio environment. If you're ready to get started, we're ready to help!