Don’t fret – a little preparation (and the right tools) goes a long way!

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During our media training sessions, our account executives can help you uncover your story and learn how to tell it. We teach you how to manage your communications-both verbally and non-verbally.

You’ll learn how to go into each interview and deliver the points you wish to make even if the reporter asks the “wrong” questions. By sharing your story and your differentiators, you will stand out and leave a memorable impression.

We’ve compiled our best time-tested tips to help you succeed and give the interview you’ve been dreaming of.


5 tips for Media Interview Success:


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Don’t tell, sell
  3. Bridge to your messages
  4. Remember your ABCs
  5. Dress rehearsal


You can learn even more from our white paper, Media Training Tips.


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