If the answer is "I don't have one," or "Meh, it's okay," or "Huh?" It's time to put your communication strategy together.  

Have you ever left a meeting or interview smacking your head thinking “I should have said X,” or “I forgot to mention Y?”

It happens to most people and it can be frustrating and result in missed opportunities. How can you keep it from happening again?

Put together a solid communication strategy!


Where to start

Imagine you're being interviewed by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.  What do you want that story to look like when it’s published?  What would the article say about your firm?


Does it ...
Tell your value proposition?
Clearly showcase the products or services your firm offers?
Call out key facts about your firm?
Highlight key differentiators?


Take a few minutes to think about each of these questions. Put your thoughts to paper and flesh out the key information you would want to see covered in your story.

Once you’ve identified the key points you want to cover practice talking about them. Imagine you’re being interviewed and work on replying succinctly and directly. Work on eliminating extemporaneous information and focus on delivering the facts you want delivered to your audience.

Participating in a messaging and media training can help you and members of your firm finesse your key messages.

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