Hosting a press event in New York City or other major media market can be a powerful and efficient way to showcase your brand, expertise, timely views on topics of interest and your product offering.

However, careful consideration must be paid to how this fits into your marketing strategy, not just right now, but in the years to come. 


  • Offers big splash exposure for your brand and expertise; then by association, your products
  • Efficient way to reach many influencers in one place at one time
  • Showcase lesser known managers who can piggy-back off the better-known ones
  • Great way to plant seeds for important stories
  • Build a following by hosting annual or semi-annual events – especially if you’re known for sharing newsworthy insight
  • Opportunity to widen your net and invite other influencers from blogs and social media platforms followed by investor groups you’re targeting
  • Leverage content you create in association with the event
  • Develop content based on information shared at the event: written commentaries, podcasts, videos and more


  • Journalist attendance is not guaranteed and can be negatively impacted by breaking news and other factors
  • Expensive – direct costs typically include room rental and meals as well as expenses for time and travel
  • No guarantees of press coverage
  • Careful timing is required to plan around other key known news events such as earnings, Fed meetings, key economic data, holidays and more

We recommend – especially if you’re a lesser known boutique financial firm – planning a smaller event in the form of a roundtable. That format allows for a modest group of reporters to join you for a less formal presentation.

The roundtable can be used to gauge interest in possible future events. Additionally, you may want to consider multi-fund company events where one of your executives participates in a panel with six or seven top-performing fund managers from an array of asset management firms, covering a variety of topics. Expenses are then shared and you’ll have a better idea if this is the type of event you’d like to host solely in the future.

Interested in hosting a press event or participating a multi-fund group event? We can help!