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Have you ever wondered how CNBC or Fox Business selects the fund managers they interview? Or how Barron's features a little-known fund, but you've been around twice as long?  

Being featured on TV, online or in a top-tier financial publication can be the difference between growing assets and losing out on opportunities.


Our team has created a guide, The Case for PR, for people in your position that reveals how a high-quality and effective PR strategy will position you as a thought leader, attract advisors & investors, and capture the attention of the national media. (Don't miss the Case Study on page 2 that shows the immediate impact a professional program had on one of our clients!)


You will discover the path to…

Easily capture the attention of reporters and national news.
Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and as THE person to go to for market insights.
Attract advisors and investors and stay ahead of your competition by streamlining your message and tailoring it to your potential investors.
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For 30 years, we’ve helped financial professionals step into the spotlight and get featured on some of the world’s most-viewed media outlets.