When you're preparing for your next interview - focus on these 3 top tips.

It can be tempting to overanalyze all the possible questions you could be asked or scenarios that could play out.


3 Top Interview Preparation Tips:


1. Research Your News Source

Before the interview, be sure you're aware of the reporter's news angle, previous coverage of your issue, and any potential biases or predispositions. 


2. Define Your Message

Go into an interview with three key messages regardless of the subject of the interview. Answer the reporter's question, then bridge to your main points. Practice your bridging technique until it becomes second nature. Convey your message clearly, simply, and briefly. Most of all - be prepared.


3. Avoid "No Comment"

There is no "off the record," and "no comment" sounds like you have something to hide. When answering a difficult question, be accurate and helpful, but do not divulge unnecessary details. If you can't answer the question, offer to find the answer, refer the interviewer to someone who can provide the answer or transition to a question which you feel comfortable answering.


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