Journalists Want the Nickel Tour. So what does this have to do with media relations?

Garnering the attention of the media is, at its core, about getting portfolio managers and reporters together. Journalists have a job to do, and like most of us, will gravitate to people they know and with whom they’ve had past positive experiences.

Now, try to think like a journalist. He or she has a story idea or needs an expert. Your fund comes to mind, whether the result of Google or a chance meeting at a press conference a year ago. Before you’re included in the story, that journalist will have to decide if it’s worth the time to ask for an interview.

Roll Out the Red Carpet.
A logical first step for a journalist to take is to visit your Web site – and the Web sites of the other companies competing for his/her attention. While quick stopovers at those “other companies’” sites are less than noteworthy, your firm’s site is actually an investor and media relations welcoming center. You’ve rolled out the red carpet that leads directly to your Press Room.

This often overlooked tool is easy to create and significantly simplifies the journalist’s research, while ensuring information about your firm is accurate and complete. Essentially, a Press Room is an online Media Kit. An easy-to-find Press Room link on the home page of your site shows journalists that you’re easy to work with and sensitive to their needs.

What Does a Good Press Room Include?
In a nutshell, your Press Room offers key resources in a well-organized, easily accessible format.

Contact Information

  • Media inquiries:
  • Contact information for your Public Relations firm or internal professional
  • Name/phone/email link for an administrative staff member to call to field journalists’ requests
  • Corporate address/ phone/ web address

Online Media Kit

  • Portfolio managers biographies and areas of expertise
  • Current commentary
  • Fund fact sheets, including holdings and performance
  • Publicity photos in color and black and white of your firm’s CEO and/or CIO and Portfolio Managers

Digital & Interactive Media

  • Recent TV appearances
  • Video clips
  • Podcasts
  • RSS feeds
  • Sign up for email alerts


  • Charts and graphs
  • Historical performance data
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Prior publication reprints

There is no better way to whet a reporter's appetite. The journalists are your guests. Make them feel right at home by serving only the best … and then some.

Maybe your visiting journalist hadn’t considered running a six-month results tracking performance chart of your latest offering – until he saw a convenient link to a downloadable chart of performance data.

Often journalists and editors need information in very short order. Having a convenient online resource tailored for them is a great way to encourage positive, regular media attention as well as foster the relationships you need for securing major stories down the road.

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