It’s hard to reach people these days because everyone is busy and overscheduled. People don’t want to talk on the phone or take in-person sales or solicitation meetings and all the experts are saying emails are the best way to communicate with your audience so why do your emails have such low open rates?

One of the BIGGEST reasons your emails aren’t getting read is because they may not be designed for mobile viewing.

What’s the difference? An email is email right?


When emails are viewed on a mobile device they render differently than when viewed on a desktop.


Email open rates on mobile devices grew to 68% in 2016 compared to 21% in 2012


If you design a static email, with desktop reading in mind, the experience for your reader is probably pretty frustrating! You have just seconds to grab their attention. If they have to spend time zooming in, scrolling across a sentence that doesn’t fit on screen…. You’ve lost them.


Emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds


Email service provider, Email on Acid, provided Top 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobile Email Design.

  1. Keep it Simple with a Single Column Layout
  2. Hide/Show Different Email Components
  3. Resize Fonts & Images
  4. Get to the Point!
  5. Use Touchable Buttons
  6. Use High Contrast Designs
  7. Keep it Light
  8. Stick the Landing
  9. Mobile-Specific Code Fixes
  10. Test Your Email!


Email marketing for financial services is basically a requirement these days. So, as long as you’re doing it, make sure you’re optimizing your efforts and delivering your best work to their inboxes.

Include emails as part of your overall marketing strategy to connect with your target audience.