Constant advances in technology and communication methods give marketers more options than ever. 

The marketing and media industry is constantly changing and evolving - from SEO shifts to platform developments it's hard to know what's around the corner.

Our friends at Ad Age talked to industry pros to see what they think the future holds.


In the coming years they believe:


  1. Brands will need to know what they stand for
  2. Social media will help brands deliver a better consumer experience
  3. Data is going to be more scarce
  4. Podcasting space will continue to grow in popularity
  5. AI will play a greater role in campaign decisions
  6. Agencies will focus on comprehensive solutions
  7. Metrics will yield even more information
  8. Technology will make human creativity even more important.


Right or wrong, these predictions point to exciting changes in the times ahead. You can get more detail in the full article. 


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