Labor Day weekend tends to be one of the busiest travel weekends of the year - particularly for travel on the road.

Planning ahead can save you time, money and stress!


Traveling by car?

USA Today suggests scheduling a routine maintenance appointment for your car prior to your trip. Are you a DIY’er? Make sure to check your engine, all fluids, tires, wipers, etc.


Do you have an emergency kit?

Make sure you have jumper cables, a blanket, flashlight, tire gauge, tool kit, duct tape, fix-a-flat, rags, and an emergency sign. Keeping a first aid kit, a few snacks in the car can also help.


Where are you headed?

Are you going through any rural or remote areas? If you’re relying on a GPS consider downloading your trip directions in the event you lose all service. Have an old atlas or maps lying around? Bring them with!


Hoping to avoid traffic?

Think about leaving early – maybe even the night before. Waiting until 5pm on the Friday of a holiday weekend could lead to long delays. Who wants to spend the first leg of their trip sitting in standstill traffic?


Traveling by air?

Again, be prepared for the popularity of the season – plan for extra time. You will likely face long lines at the airport so plan to get their early.  Want to save time? Pack lightly into a carry on and avoid having to check a bag.


Whether you travel to a far away location or choose to stay closer to home stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!