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Marketing is constantly changing and if you’re not willing to change and adapt you’ll be left in the dust.

According to Forbes, there are 5 looming trends that will impact how companies create content and how their audiences consume it.


#1 Content marketing is becoming marketing

What was once considered just a component of an overall marketing plan, content marketing has become the primary tool. Companies are realizing it’s an incredibly useful tool in reaching audiences and building relationships.


#2 Strategy will become more essential

While content is a powerful tool it cannot be the only tool in your arsenal. Each company needs to refine their own strategy to meet their own specific goals using content marketing.


#3 Customer success will emerge as the new frontier

Customer success, the measure of a company’s ability to help their customer get the most out of their offerings, has become vital. Content is now being used to show prospects potential outcomes to inspire investment or brand loyalty.


#4 The marketing funnel will change shape

Historically the marketing funnel quickly flows people through the process. Once they become “buyers” the journey ends. Content is helping to build and sustain relationships and inspire brand loyalty rather than just hustle individuals through the process.


#5 Distribution will remain a driver of success

Your content may be amazing and life changing but if no one sees it does it matter? Getting content delivered to the right audience is becoming more challenging as people are inundated with emails and social media. Companies will need to remain vigilant and get creative as they seek methods of getting content before their desired audience.


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