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Marketing is a hurdle that all businesses face. The question is, how do they overcome it? Read on to find out. 

Marketing is one of those things every business needs to do, but sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start. Whether you need to revamp your current strategy or are starting from scratch, here are a few simple tips that will point you in the right direction:

  1. Determine your goals. More specifically, ensure these goals are measurable and have a time frame to keep you on track. Simply wishing to increase website traffic is not sufficient; instead, narrow it down to a targeted percentage increase in traffic by a specific date. As you approach that date, you’ll be able to monitor what steps to take to reach your goal.

  2. Know your audience. No, really–this phrase is overused because it’s true. Getting to understand your audience requires digging, as you’ll need to research basic demographics, preferred contact method, and what they want (specifically, what they’d want from YOU). Once you understand what products they are looking for, you can tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

  3. Examine your company messages. Are they consistent with your marketing messages? Continuity is key–after all; you don’t see Kashi marketing sugar-laden doughnuts.

These three pointers are a good place to begin. Creating a marketing strategy is a lot of work, but doing your homework will bring better results. Lazy marketing is often apparent and alienates customers, so be prepared to dedicate a lot of energy to your marketing efforts.

Overwhelmed and understaffed? A PR firm can be a great way to implement an effective marketing strategy. SunStar’s Creative Services team can help you get started